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Planning your party

Party Planning


“Where can I hold my child’s birthday party?” Jump Jiggle and Jive needs space to dance. A Church Hall, Community Centres etc. read further down for some advice

Should you find the entertainers first?

Booking the venue first does give you focus and something to p[in your party planning around however I recommend finding out if the entertainment is available first, we have party enquiries daily so it is a really good idea to know if we can attend on your date. we understand you can’t do both at once and will hold a date and time for you until you get something booked.

Where to start when finding a venue?

1. Think back to parties your child has already attended did you like it?

2. Local churches usually hire their halls to members and the local community

3. Community Centres are designed for party hire so calling here is really easy

4. Leisure Centres usually need a copy of our insurance etc. We have this at hand for you.

5. Bowling clubs have been really helpful with party bookings

6. Golf Clubs hire out their function rooms to members, do you know a member?

7. Boat Houses hire out to their members do you know a member?

9. Tennis Clubs hire out their function rooms to their members do you know a member?

10. The Ulster Museums has a room for party hire

11. Gardens at home work well, ( don't forget it rains a-lot in Northern Ireland )

12. Private gyms have dance studios and workout rooms that hire out for members

13. Dance studios and dance schools hire out their venues for parties

Themed parties

Table decorations and balloons making your venue look amazing and some parents enjoy all the themed aspects of the table. When it comes to themes we can help with adding in some specific themed dances and games of your own choosing. Jump Jiggle and Jive is a theme all by itself so please do not worry if you don't have a theme the most important thing is for you the parent to feel relaxed and enjoy seeing your child having fun.

Call your entertainers to check final details

We call you the day before to check-in with you and to discuss the final details. We check things like the numbers attending, where you would like us to be set-up, start and finish times and any specific special requests.

Should parents stay or go?

This is a tricky one for a party host. Everyones parenting style is different so I suggest you leave it up to them. Have a few chairs around the side for those who choose to stay. Food and drink always makes any small talk easier so have something to offer the parents who stay to give you the opportunity to get to know them and for everyone to feel welcome.

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