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£140 - £180

Outstanding children's dance parties with one goal in mind, to make your party one of a kind!

Why should you book us?

We guarantee to create a party atmosphere where everyone will know the party has started and they need to pick up a piece of kit and join in! 

What happens?

A jump jiggle and jive Dance Leader arrives at your party with lots of bags that are packed full of interesting and interactive toys and dance props for up to 30 children.  The Dance Leader will be the DJ as well as the dance party host. 

Audiences of young children pick up our dance props and take part in all our musical games and dances.  ALL THE BEST PARTIES HAVE MUSIC AND DANCING! 


This is our most popular party. 

1 hour of entertainment there will be dancing games props galore and long-lasting memories will be made. Have your camera ready!



This is our GLOW party which is ideal for birthdays - Lots of dancing fun with our Glow props.  Your choice of venue needs to be discussed before we can confirm that our Glow Party is suitable and we can make it available in your location.

Do we have any videos of your party?

Just browse through our website for photos. If you are looking for comments and reviews look at our Facebook Page and Instagram. A slick video is in the production stage but really you know already that we will provide you with the best service possible and very happy children! 

What is our secret?

Parties are our favourite thing and we care about the success of your party and the joy we bring to everyone attending. 

We are fully insured and all Dance Leaders have Enhanced Access NI checked for safeguarding.  We have lots of secrets up our sleeve to ensure our parties are the best of the best! 

Is it true what people say about your parties?

Yes, it is all true!  and we have more than 12 years experience in the birthday party business and 80% of our party bookings are made because of word of mouth. 

Do we need to find a venue?

Parties are best in a Church Hall, Community Centre, Leisure Centre, Bowls Club, Scout club, etc so that you as the parent can relax and enjoy the party without fear of breakages and spills!

Bouncy Castles and face painting?

Many venues now provide a bouncy castle, small bikes and scooters and bouncy inflatables to ride and sometimes footballs out for free play.  At jump jiggle and jive, we prefer that the bouncy castle is deflated and free play toys are set-aside when it is your jump jiggle and jive time! 

Can we have our party at home? 

Yes, this is possible if a hall is not an option and you have a clear dance space or a garden.  In the summer, we like to dance in the garden if it is dry so that we have room to jump jiggle and jive!  Just chat to us about your space and we will work something out between us that works. 

What is the minimum number of children?

We have no minimum because we charge an hourly rate which is not based on the number of children unless you reach the maximum of 30 children and want even more to attend. 

A suggested minimum number for a jump jiggle and jive party should be around 15 children. 

How far in advance should you book?

We advise you to email us with your dates and we will always check and see if it's available. Some people are very organised and book us up to 6 months in advance and others call us with just a few days notice.   Some weekends are super busy and we have to say sorry we can't attend but other weekends are not so busy.  We never can tell!  ( if you definitely want a jump jiggle and jive party check-in with us first to see our availability before you send out your invitations and book your venue) 

How do we contact you?

Just hit the contact us button and send us an email telling us where you are based and the age of your child and the party date.  We reply as soon as we can with our availability etc. 

Or easier still just phone or text us on 

07977113490 we will reply as soon as we can with our availability etc. 

You can WhatsApp us and also contact us via Facebook and messenger too. 

How do we pay?

Deposits are made to confirm the booking and then the remainder is paid on the day to the Dance Leader.    We can accept cheques and cash.  We do not have a debit card reader. 

Added Travel expense

If your party requires us to travel some distance and time to reach your venue. please discuss and we will work out what the added cost will be. 

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