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Virtual parties during pandemic

Did I ever think I would be running Jump jiggle and Jive birthday parties online? Never in my lifetime did this cross my mind! But Covid-19 pandemic had other ideas!

Having your child's birthday part at home without their friends is tricky so we started offering our parties from our home to your home online. Some parents also wanted friends to join the party from their homes. We have been using Zoom so that the children can see each other while we Jump Jiggle and Jive. We can also virtually visit your child's birthday party via Facebook Group, You can set up your own Facebook group and invite everyone you want to take part in your online party. Unlike zoom the children who are involved can't see each other, only interact through messages. If you decided to host a Facebook Live stream, only Jump Jiggle and Jive will be seeable.

Do virtual parties work?

Yes the work really well but understandably the do have their limitations. To make our virtual parties the best they can be requires some technical abilities of the parents. Our best parties have been when we interact with you from a big screen, Some parents have been able to project us onto big screens and others can get us on their TV screens. Turn up the volume and you are ready to go! Make sure the screen is placed in an easy to be seen location and a place where we can see and hear the children throughout the party we will have a marvellous time.

What do we do at our virtual parties?

To get everyone into the mood and accustomed to interacting with us party style there will be a scavenger hunt. This is a great way to feel part of the party and be in a race with your friends, stand back parents there will be lots of running around your house finding things! There will be a quiz, dance off and of course lots of Jump Jiggle and Jiving too. Having party bag prizes hidden away by the parents in each home is a great help and when then children complete games they get their prizes!

As lockdown eases we hope to return to normal Birthday Parties very soon and we can put this virtual world behind us.

To discuss a virtual party or book your garden party with us just call Amanda on 07977113490

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